I are serious cat. This is serious blog.

Why a serious blog? Couple of reasons.

1. I really want to have something where I can share links and interesting stories, etc, as well as travel details, with colleagues and family. Most of the other social networking sites I have are full of rants and rambles and silly games and other stuff which is not all for public consumption.

2. I’ve been thinking about online participation, aliases and community. It was sparked off for me by the Givewell – Metafilter incident. I’m a MeFite and also a philanthropoid and a longtime participant in online communities, and all those worlds were colliding and hitting sparks off each other (and insulting each other heartily in the process). I had a lot to say (still do) and nowhere to say all of it.

I don’t expect to get “a readership” with this. No Google AdWords or anything like that here. I don’t have pretensions to be the most authoritative or best blogger. So relax. I’m going to 🙂