A dedicated dabbler

I’ve done so many ‘About Me’ pages in my lifetime, and they’re all different, and the me I was then is never the me I am now.

Anyhoo. I’m an old. I have worked most of my life in the not-for-profit and philanthropic sector and am currently working in higher education. I like knitting, reading, spending way too much time on Teh Internets and hanging out with good friends. I also like travel. I enjoy seeing patterns, Finding Out Stuff and then Telling People Stuff. This is why I also enjoy genealogy (other people’s as well as my own. I love solving mysteries)

I want the world to be a better place.  I try to actively work towards this goal. 

As I always do, I’ll keep making myself up as I go along.

I’m also on Metafilter, LinkedIn, Twitter, GoodReads, and a bunch of other places.

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