Sunday: the day of civilised happenings

Our first full day in London (well, this trip, anyway)! Sadly, the sun wasn’t out for most of the morning and we did get rained on a bit in the afternoon. However, we spent much of the day doing terribly cliched and magnificently fun English things:

Verity visited a red phone booth!

We saw the Changing of the Guard!

Some swans posed artily for us!

We had High Tea at the Orangery!

We listened to a band in Kensington Gardens playing a James Bond medley!

And I said hello to a squirrel!

The trip wasn’t bad this time; Qantas at least had decent food and kept us properly hydrated. It was a bit turbulent over Europe, though, and most of the first day has been spent feeling a little bit as if we’re swaying…

3 thoughts on “Sunday: the day of civilised happenings”

  1. You look like you are having a ball, Ness. I have had a great day out at Cambridge today. I leave for Portugal on Thursday morning very early. I wonder if we will run into each other?

    Take care,


  2. Great pics, happy news from your trip.Enjoying it in spirit with you both.I love face book for this opportunity to stay in touch.The weather is the weather wherever you are!!Take care love always MumXXXOOO

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