A chilly city suits a troubled soul

I’ve decided that I really need to do something with this blog, like actually update it once in a while. The reasons for my long absence, in approximate chronological order, are:

  • Heavier workload as a result of:
    • staff at work leaving and being only partly replaced;
    • the Black Saturday bushfires;
    • the Treasury inquiry into PPFs;
    • the global economic crisis
  • Stress resulting from heavier workload
  • Not being able to see very well

Yes, you did read that last one correctly. I’ve had almost two months now of distorted vision. I’m very myopic and have worn contact lenses for many years, and I also have issues with my retinas, which look as if someone has taken a teeny tiny hole-punch to them in neat rows (this is a relatively poorly understood retinal condition which has given me a blind spot, but the eyes have adapted and I don’t really notice it).

The latest issue is keratitis – my corneas are inflamed and so swollen that the top layer of the cornea has developed folds. It gives me distorted vision with difficulty looking at print and a “smeary” look to lights, and increased light sensitivity. I put up with it for about a month, thinking it was the result of a head cold I’d just had, or falling asleep once with my lenses in, or just being generally tired and run down. I didn’t realise the tired and run-down-ness was in fact a symptom. It’s being treated with cortisone drops and is slowly getting better.

Black Saturday was a real turning point here. I felt so for my friend E, whose family live in Kinglake and who went on a long-term visit to the UK just a couple of weeks before it happened; her family and their home survived, but so many others didn’t. We think we’ve mastered the natural environment, but we are still at nature’s mercy and she has no pity.

Apart from that, we’ve gone within what feels like a blink (although it’s more like four months) from our hottest ever days to bloody freezing nights. That never makes you feel good. We have a holiday to Queensland booked late in the month and I’m hoping to rest properly and recuperate. In the meantime, I am getting back into sock knitting now I can see more, heeding the advice of the great EZ: Knit on, with confidence and hope, through all crises.

I turn forty in a few months. I feel the weight of wisdom on me 🙂 Still deciding whether to have a party, or a night out.

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